Universidad EAFIT - Bogotá

Spanish for Foreigners

Program description:
The program is designed for the acquisition of Spanish through a communicative methodology which seeks to immerse the participant in the language and culture to develop the communicative skills necessary to interact with linguistic, strategic and discursive appropriateness in the pan-Hispanic environment.
Program aimed at: Adults who wish to learn Spanish as a second language through immersion in the culture
Levels: Five levels made up of 14 courses: A1: 2 courses, A2: 3 courses, B1: 3 courses, B2: 2 courses and C1: 4 courses
Hourly intensity: 38 hours per level
Associated services: -
Requirements for registration: -
Cost per level or course: $1.090.000 COP per level. Total cost of program $15.565.000 COP: $15.260.000 per course, more $305.000 of other costs.
Contact: Andres Felipe Forero Villamil. (Sede coordinator) Jaime Alberto Naranjo (Academic coordinator) and Juan Fernando Tobón (Logistics)
Email: idiomas.bogota@eafit.edu.co jnaranjo@eafit.edu.co spanish@eafit.edu.co
Phone: (57 1) 6114618 Ext. 9016
Address: Carrera 16 No. 93-46 Chicó
Web page: Spanish for Foreigners