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Spanish Language Program

Program Summary:
Sperience, a real spanish inmersión experience.
Program description:
Cois one of the predominant methodological approaches among theorists of language teaching and has been adopted by the Language Centre. The communication model is developed through Notional and functional interactions in which language is routed from specific communicative contexts where students must intervene to resolve issues of everyday life.
This program seeks to engage students in their learning process, to reflect, propose, imagine, organize, create, and design materials, and finally to share the responsibility of the educational process.
The communicative approach, intends students to take ownership of the foreign language through practical situations proposed by the teacher or by themselves. These situations should follow, to the maximum extent, the real needs and interests of students, in order to motivate them in their own learning for a more effective and lasting way.
The course takes place in two different phases:
First. Participants receive 5 hours of Spanish training, starting with the management of linguistic structures in specific communicative contexts and gradually increasing vocabulary.
The topics are related to aspects in everyday communication related to coffee and tourism management in the cultural landscape context.
Second. Cultural immersion where participants have the opportunity to visit places of interest and to know about the regional culture, as well as the application of contents developed during the classes.

Program aimed at: Foreigners who are interested in getting fluent in Spanish, choosing their communicative, academic or professional interest with different intensive Spanish modalities.
Levels: The following categories apply to all languages according to the common European framework:
A1: Beginner
A2: Elementary
B1: Pre Intermediate
B2: Intermediate
C1: Advanced
C2: Competent
Hourly intensity: Intensity Time:
Basic Level 1 and 2 (A1, A2): 2 Credits
Intermediate 1 and 2 (B1, B2): 2 Credits
Advanced Level (C1, C2): 2 Credits

1 credit is equivalent to:
24 hours class work
12 hours of training outside the class.
12 hours Independent Work
Total credit hours: 48

- Each credit lasts 48 hours
- Each level lasts 96 hours. (Includes 2 credits)
- A course has 288 hours total.
- The participant will engage in learning by Levels or Credits

Starting and completion dates: First week of each month.
Possibility of 4-16 hours per week according to participant availability.
Start dates are also set according to the current time chosen by each student
Associated services: - Sports Credits
- Local Tournaments
- Zonal Participation with ASCUN
- Full Day Tournaments
- Sport Activities with the academic community.
- Sports Week
- Volleyball, beach volleyball, soccer, table tennis, tennis, chess and basketball
- Theater, music and guitar lessons
- Opportunities of classes in different academic programs
Cultural activities included in the program: Cultural immersion where participants have the opportunity to visit places of interest in Armenia and to know about the regional culture, as well as the application of contents developed during the classes
Requirements for registration: - Fill out the registration form in this web page www.sperience.edu.co
- Placement test in advance
- Up dated Visa
- Participants should have an international health insurance eligible for repatriation of body which must be valid through the stay in Colombia.
Cost per level or course: - By credit COP $ 900,000 (Each credit lasts of 48 hours)
- By Levels COP $ 1,700,000 (Each level lasts 96 hours –it includes 2 credits)
- Total of expenses COP $ 4.7 million (The total course lasts 288 hours)

The prices include academic training in the classroom. Independent and Field trips are not included, as well as accommodation and meals during the stay for the Training Plan.
Contact: Magda Inés Montoya Naranjo, Proyección Social UGCA Director
Email: proyeccionsocial@ugca.edu.co
Phone: (57-6) 746 0426
Address: Universidad La Gran Colombia - Seccional Armenia. Avenida Bolívar No. 7 - 46
Web page: Spanish Language Program