Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira

Spanish immersion program from Colombian cultural coffee landscape

Program Summary:
You will learn Spanish language living the culture, tourism and cuisine of the coffee land
Program description:
The Spanish program is an opportunity for foreigners to visit and immerse during 8 weeks in a Spanish as second language learning experience as of coffee cultural landscape.
This is a program that exposes the participants to a context where the language is used not only in the classroom, since the seminars of the program are related to coffee cultural landscape which go beyond structural Spanish language development.
The Spanish immersion is developed using the integration of language and contents, methodology that is oriented towards the conceptualization of the themes. This implies that each seminar has the integration of Spanish language development and contents related to coffee cultural landscape.
Program aimed at: Students, businessmen , public, wishing to strengthen the level of Spanish. The nature of the seminars implies a minimum proficiency in Spanish of the participants , which would A2 + or B1 ( common framework of reference ) .
Levels: 8 modules developed in 8 weeks
1. Content and Spanish language teaching. Length 38 hours
2. America before Spanish: archeological and historical memories of coffee cultural landscape. Length 30 hours.
3. Pre-Hispanic art in the coffee region: cultural legacy and its expansion in contemporary evolution. Length 40 hours
4. Culture through experiential education. Length 34 hours
5. Interpretation and valuation of coffee cultural landscape as life classroom. Length 30 hours
6. Photography of the nature. Length 30 hours
7. Chronicle as an expression with aroma. Length
Hourly intensity: Hours: 266 classes
Touristic-academic outdoors: 64 hours
Total 330 hours

Starting and completion dates: May 28 to july 18, and october 24 to december 4
Associated services: Campus , cultural activities, gym, library.
Cultural activities included in the program: • Balsaje Quimbaya - Quindio
• Manizales city tour, Polish passage, Thought place.
• Salamina - Caldas heritage CCL, Arquitectónico tour
• COMBIA INSPIRACION Quindio, coffee tour
• Salento – Cocora - Quindio
• Plans of San Rafael Municipio de Santuario Risaralda
• Thermals of Santa Rosa Risaralda.
• Quimbaya Museum in Armenia, Quindio
• Rayo Museum in Roldanillo , Valle del Cauca
• Wildlife Sanctuary Otún Quimbaya
Requirements for registration: The nature of the seminars implies a language level of proficiency; it needs to be A2+ or B1 (Common European Framework). In case of the student does not know his/her language profile, the program will conduct a Skype interview to establish a language analysis.
Cost per level or course: COP $ 12.790.000
The program includes Courses, academic trips, lodging, breakfast and dinner, transportation. Weekend outdoor encounters to different touristic places from the region as:
Lodging Information for foreign students: The program is responsible for accommodation
Contact: Dr. Carmen Elisa Vanegas L
Email: spanishprogram@utp.edu.co
Phone: (57+6) 3137466 - WhatsApp +57 3218558918
Address: Carrera 27 No 10 – 02 Barrio Alamos
Web page: Spanish immersion program from Colombian cultural coffee landscape